Amazing Relief for a Shoulder Injury

My wife insisted I see a chiropractor in Mesa AZ after we returned from a ski trip in Colorado. I was doing my usual hot dogging antics on the slopes and of course I took a spill. I wasn’t familiar with the mountain and didn’t see a bump and that was all it took to cause a tumble. I thought I bounced back pretty well from the accident, but I noticed immediately that my shoulder was hurting. I thought it was a sprained muscle and didn’t pay it much heed until we returned and it was still hurting.

Even then I didn’t give it much thought as muscle sprains can last for some time before going away. It was only when I started having problem lifting my arm above my head that I started to get worried. I tried to hide it from my wife but she caught me wincing when I was trying to get a bottle out of the cabinet. Nothing would do but that I had to go see a chiropractor right away in order to come up with a solution. She claimed she had a friend with a shoulder injury who went to a local clinic and they took care of the problem in a single visit.

So I went. They did a consultation and heard all about my ski mishap. The chiropractor took a look, moved my arm around and felt the shoulder, and stated that fixing the problem would be a snap. The chiropractor made a few adjustments, which felt slightly strange, and the pain lifted almost immediately. Within two days there was no pain whatsoever. I never really believed in chiropractors before, but I do now. There may be some conditions they can’t improve, but in my situation it’s been an unbelievable success.

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