Hurt My Back Playing Hoops

I was having a pretty good game, but it was rough. There were some guys from Temple and Penn, although they were not the guys you would have recognized from the games. At least not unless you noticed them cheering on the bench. One of the guys was really massive and really not that well coordinated, the sort of guy who could really hurt you without ever meaning to do it. At any rate I had to go and find a chiropractor in Philadelphia a few days later. I was definitely sore when I left the courts, but it did not really seem as though it was a huge deal. I play ball all the time and every now and then you get the worse of it. It certainly was not as though I was limping any worse than usual, because you are going to get hurt if you go an play ball, especially when you play in really competitive games against guys who play the game as though it means something.

At any rate I went home and began to alternate heat and ice packs on my back, I expect that this would work. It usually does, but when I got up the next morning I was pretty stiff. I figured that would go away in due time, and it was not really that awful. However I got up the next morning after that and it was even worse. I was so stiff that I could not hardly get my butt out of the bed. I had to get in the shower and take a long blazing hot shower. Eventually I loosened up, but that did not really solve the problem. You have to go see a chiropractor some of the time. That is how it is when your back is out.

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