Life Can Be Rough Sometimes

I decided to play a game of football with some buddies and all of our kids. Most of us adults had been on a football team of some sort in the past, so we knew that we had this in the bag. Well, the only thing that I had in the bag was a need to see a Redding chiropractor the next day. While I may have experience on my side, our opponents had something much more valuable, something called youth. I tried to score a touchdown when two of them tackled me to the ground.

I had no idea where they even came from because it was just me near the goal line. That is where their youthful speed came into play though, and I ended up on the ground as a result. The worst part was, at that time anyway, that I did not even get six points for a touchdown. Anyway, I went home feeling okay, but I was sore the next morning. I got out of bed, and I could barely bend over to put on my slippers. I knew that something was wrong because I wasn’t that old yet!

I figured it had something to do with being tackled the evening before, and the pain was enough to send me to the chiropractor. With pain, you can tell most of the time if it is something minor that will pass or if it is something that needs looked at by a professional. My sore back was definitely in the latter camp. I had to have a few adjustments done, and the good news is I am no longer hurt. The bad news though is that I have to endure teasing not only from my buddies about this but from the kids we played too. Life can be rough sometimes!

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