A San Jose Chiropractor Helps Me with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

My hands started to get cold for no apparent reason, so I went to my doctor. Since I am a diabetic, he naturally suspected nerve damage or problems with circulation. Maybe it was a little of both. Well, I do have peripheral neuropathy, but that was not behind my cold hands. A Doppler study indicated the inside of my blood vessels were clean and not obstructed. Still, my left hand would begin to freeze as soon as I sat on the couch and propped my arm up on the armrest. I went to a San Jose chiropractor who suspected thoracic outlet syndrome.

A manipulation in the office brought back a rush of warmth into my hands. The left side was worse than the right side as far as the coldness. My posture was causing pressure on blood vessels and nerves where they traveled through my shoulder area down my arm. I was cutting off my own blood supply to my arms. There is a narrow outlet around the area of your clavicle where an artery and nerves go through. Certain positions in some people can create a continual pressure on them to impinge their functioning. When you slow down the blood supply, you get cold and weak. When you impinge the nerves, you can get tingling and other pains that feel like neuropathy.

The manipulation and therapy in the chiropractor’s office helped me with the pain and discomfort of thoracic outlet syndrome. I also had to do my own part to correct my body position to reduce the pressure during the day as I sit at my computer and work. It can happen to anyone, and doctors may miss what is going on. This is especially true when your tests come back as normal. My Doppler was fine, but it shows what is going on inside the blood vessels, and I was lying flat on my back during the test. That position showed everything to be wide open. The impingement happened when I sat or stood.

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