The Spirit of a Wrestler

I signed on as a performer at an amateur wrestling show to get some extra cash. I’ve always been a big fan of wrestling, ever since I was a kid. I had dreams as a young boy of wrestling against some of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Most of those guys are old now, so I probably won’t be climbing into the ring with them any time soon. During a practice run with another wrestler, I did a ring run that transitioned into a bad flip, which earned me a trip to a chiropractor in Santa Rosa.

When I hit the mat, I instantly knew that I had landed the wrong way. I tried to shake off the pain from the fall, but I couldn’t. I was in no shape to do any more practicing, no matter how much I tried to work through the pain. The chiropractor told me that I couldn’t do any wrestling for a couple of weeks, which was terrible because there was a show that I was looking forward to doing with the other wrestlers. Someone else had to fill in for me while I was healing from my injury.

I went to the wrestling show, but instead of being a wrestler, I was a spectator. The wrestler who filled in for me did a pretty good job with his moves. I was cheering him on in the same way that I was cheering on my favorite wrestlers as a kid. There’s something about the atmosphere of a wrestling match that really causes people to let loose. Everyone cheers on their favorites and boos the ones they don’t like. Even the ones that call it fake can’t help but get into the spirit and play along with everyone else. That’s why I became a wrestler.

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