Chiropractors Can Do So Much More Than I Thought

Taking anxiety and depression meds didn’t seem like a good answer to me. The anxiety prescription that my doctor gave me made me unable to function well. The first depression medication I tried kept me up at night, and switching to another type didn’t help because it came with even more side effects of another type. I decided to go without, but that didn’t work very well either. I didn’t know that seeing a chiropractor in Bakersfield would be a good idea for people who suffer anxiety and other issues. I was well aware that they are pros at back problems, but I thought that was the extent of all their expertise. They do so much, and I needed their expertise myself.

Working, trying to raise my kids alone and not having enough money to afford many basics was a big source of my trouble, and I knew it. But my kids are for life. I can’t stop working, and the bills need to get paid. So, there was nothing that I felt that I could really do. I dreamed of getting my degree, but I did not have the time for that. If I really stretched myself thin, I figured I could get in one class each semester, but it would take me 10 years to graduate at that slow pace. I felt stuck with no way to get better and feel less stressed.

The psychiatrist was able to release the stress from my body. Prior to my first visit, I had no idea that you hold stress in your body. It affects your mind and your body. He pointed out that many of our aches and pains come from the stress that we hold in our bodies. He knows how to manipulate a variety of pressure points that will help to open them up and let out the stress so that I could move through life better.

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