My Dad Helped Me After I Did Something I Promised I Wouldn’t Do

I became a Fort Myers chiropractor after watching my father do it as a career for 35 years. He really enjoyed it, and he often talked to me about what he did at his job over dinner meals or while we were relaxing on the weekends. He really liked that he had the ability to help people feel like they should. I am a helper too in life, so when I grew older enough to pick what I wanted to do as a career, I decided to follow in his fantastic footsteps. He was pretty darn proud of me. I love my patients, and I love to see them learn to smile again after I help them.

It is interesting to note that I found myself on the receiving end when I fell while rock climbing and need help with my own back troubles. I had been climbing for about 25 years and had no accidents. But I had an equipment failure when I was out climbing alone one weekend. My wife had made me promise to always go with her or friends, but I decided to just do it on my own one weekend. I laid there for hours on my back in pain. I knew that I was in trouble. I had no cell phone reception and could not call for help either. When I did not show up for dinner that night, my wife called the local park rangers who found me the next morning. I ended up with some major back trouble and two broken legs.

Dad is the one who helped me to get better. I knew what I could do for my patients, but I can’t very well work on myself. So, I would show up to dad’s office each week to get some treatment from him. He made me all better again. I will not go out alone to climb rocks again, that is for sure!

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