Being Comfortable and Pain Free While Pregnant

When I was pregnant with my first child, it was such a beautiful experience. I did not have morning sickness, I did not gain a lot of weight, and I was able to work up until a few days before I gave birth. I thought my second pregnancy was going to go the same way, but I could not get that lucky. I had morning sickness, awful swelling in my feet, and intense lower back pain. A few people told me I should look into Sacramento chiropractic, and I honestly thought that was a great idea.

When I became pregnant, I immediately went to my ob gyn doctor because it just made sense to do that. Because of that, I knew that it would make the best sense to see a chiropractor since I was having lower back pain. I knew that not much could be done about the morning sickness, and I was already taking measures to help with the swelling. Nothing I did helped me with the lower back problems though, and it was starting to hurt a lot. I was so glad to be able to get in and see a chiropractor quickly, and I was even happier to find out that pregnant women are seen a lot there.

I just felt comfortable as soon as I walked in the door. The entire staff was welcoming and accommodating, and the chiropractor was professional but very friendly too. There was a special table for pregnant women, which means that no stress is being put on the baby at all. The chiropractor was able to give me relief that same day, and I decided to continue to see him at least once or twice a week for the duration of my pregnancy. He made the remainder of my pregnancy so comfortable!

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